Ploughshares has published quality literature since 1971. Best known for our award winning Ploughshares literary journal, we also publish Ploughshares Solos, digital-first long stories and essays, and this lively literary blog. Since 1989 we have been based at Emerson College in downtown Boston.

The Ploughshares Blog has changed a lot since we first launched it in 2009. Back then, it was mostly a clearinghouse for announcements, extended contributors’ notes, and all the other little tidbits that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. Over the years, though, we’ve added more and more original material–and now, while the blog still shares the magazine’s mission and focus on new writing, it also has a distinct identity of its own.

Here you’ll find nearly twenty regular bloggers, covering topics as diverse as book arts, writing exercises, and the best current stories from other lit journals. We also publish regular interviews with members of the literary and publishing communities, Ploughshares Playlists to accompany your favorite books, book reviews, and advice not just for producing better writing but also–hopefully!–for getting it published.

We’re always looking to improve the blog, so if you have comments, ideas, questions, or even complaints, please email us at blog@pshares.org. If you’re interested in contributing to the blog, you can find out how here!

You can find more information and updates about Ploughshares on our website.

Blog Staff

Ellen Duffer, Managing Editor

Ellen Duffer is the Managing Editor of Ploughshares, and a writer and editor of literary fiction and nonfiction. Prior to becoming Managing Editor, Ellen graduated from Emerson College where she completed her BFA thesis in nonfiction: a series of profiles on working-class and upper-class women from Mason, Ohio, her hometown.

Miriam Cook, Marketing Assistant

Miriam Cook is the Marketing Assistant for Ploughshares Literary Magazine and an MFA in Fiction candidate at Emerson College. Prior to joining the Ploughshares staff, she earned a BA in English at Whitman College and worked as a Program Coordinator at NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network.

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