Interested in advertising on the Ploughshares Blog? We’re happy to accommodate advertisers with several pricing and sizing options. To place ads in the journal and on the blog at a reduced rate, please review our sponsorship options. You can view our full media kit here.

Top Banner (728px x 90px):
$250, 1 week
$400, 2 weeks
$600, 4 weeks

Side Banner (300px x 600px):
$150, 1 week
$250, 2 weeks
$450, 4 weeks

Side Box (300px x 250px):
$100, 1 week
$175, 2 weeks
$300, 4 weeks

Nonprofit and/or member of CLMP, WCC, or AWP: 15%
Prepayment: 5%

File Specifications
Ads must be delivered in JPG, PNG, GIF, or SWF format. All ads are hyperlinked to a URL determined by the advertiser. Hyperlink URL may not change more than once per week. No more than 1 banner, 1 side banner, and 1 side box will run at a time on the Ploughshares Blog.