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Fifty Shades of Heathcliff: Why WUTHERING HEIGHTS Isn’t a Love Story

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë is often considered one of the great Victorian romances, mentioned in the same breath as classics like Pride and Prejudice and her sister Charlotte’s most famous work, Jane Eyre. But where Jane is a love story through and through, from the early meet-cute to

Lit GIFs: Wuthering Heights

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A story (read: soap opera) of two Catherines and a grumpy, clingy guy named Heathcliff. Also a property war. Mr. Earnshaw owns a manor called Wuthering Heights. One day he brings home an orphan. At first, his children, Hindley and Catherine #1, don’t like Orphan Heathcliff much. Over time, Catherine #1