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A Conversation With Margot Livesey and Whitney Terrell

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Whitney Terrell’s 2016 book The Good Lieutenant was selected as a best book of the year by the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and Refinery 29. Terrell also happens to be my former student.

Seizing Control: An Interview with Margot Livesey

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One of the pivotal moments in my writing career happened back in the early '90s when I read Margot Livesey's debut novel Homework. I was really struck by the unsettling tone of the book and by Jenny, the daughter of the hero's--Celia's--boyfriend, a seemingly awful little girl who tries

The Books We Teach #6: Interview with Matthew Salesses

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The Books We Teach series will feature primary, secondary, and post-secondary educators and their thoughts about literature in the face of an evolving classroom. Posts will highlight literary innovations in teaching, contemporary literature’s place in pedagogy, and the books that writers teach. In the spirit of educational dynamism, we