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Our Winter 2014-15 Issue is Now Available!

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We are elated to announce that our staff-edited Winter 2014-15 Issue is available for purchase! Each year, two of our three issues are guest-edited by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles, while the Winter Issue staff-edited. The Winter Issue of Ploughshares features a diverse collection of

The Fall 2014 Issue is Now Available

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We are very excited to announce that our Fall 2014 issue has officially released today! Acclaimed novelist and short-story writer Percival Everett (Erasure, I Am Not Sidney Poitier) guest-edits this all-fiction issue. As Everett writes in his introduction, the stories “range from so-called mimetic to so-called meta. I do not

New Ploughshares Solo: Twice Eggs by Alexandra Johnson

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We are thrilled to announce the publication of “Twice Eggs,” the latest Ploughshares Solo by Alexandra Johnson. The Ploughshares Solos series allows us to publish long stories and essays in a digital format. Recent Ploughshares Solos include “Small Country” by Patricia Grace King and “Portrait” by Kathleen Hill.

Writing in a Changing World: Craft, Readerships, and Social Media

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What do you wish your MFA program had taught you? How is the literary world—and media in general—changing? How should we change with it? These are the questions that motivate Stephanie Vanderslice‘s work as a writer, professor, and HuffPost blogger. I heard Vanderslice speak at the International Great Writing Conference this June, where she

“Let’s Get You an Agent”—An Agent’s How-to for Writers

So—Eric Nelson is an agent with the Susan Rabiner Literary Agency. His own blog, “How to Think Like Your Agent,” is full of quick, no-nonsense advice. Here, he lends our readers a special dose of it: how to get an agent, from an agent’s POV. Check out his words

New Blog Feature: Writing Lessons

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We’re excited to announce a new feature for the Ploughshares Blog geared towards writing students: “Writing Lessons.” In this feature writing students will discuss lessons learned, epiphanies about craft, and the challenges of studying writing. The exciting part of this feature is that we want to hear from you, writing

Roundup: Getting Published

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In our Roundups segment, we’re looking back at all the great posts since the blog started in 2009. We explore posts from our archives as well as other top literary magazines, centered on a certain theme to help you jump-start your week. This week we have posts on submitting

Round-Up: Holiday Nostalgia

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Part of the sharing that comes with the holiday season is that beautiful and funny thing nostalgia. Think back to when your were just a kid, back to when the holiday season was more than consumer sales and bustling about the kitchen with a turkey baster in one hand.

A Ploughshares Guide to #AWP12 Chicago

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AWP 2012 in Chicago is fast approaching, and boy, are we excited! AWP is an annual conference organized by Associated Writing Programs where writers, small and big presses, literary magazines, and writing programs gather to talk about writing, reading, and submitting. Apparently this will be the biggest AWP conference

An Interview with former Ploughshares Senior Reader Kate Flaherty

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Until recently, Kate Flaherty was our Senior Reader for fiction. We sat down and talked to her over e-mail about literary magazines, reading slush, and her own work. Ploughshares: Tell us a little about your literary life – what were the first important books for you, when did you