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Courage and Craft in Wanting: Women Writing About Desire

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The contributors to Margot Kahn and Kelly McMasters’s new anthology risk sharing their desires on the page in empowering personal essays that demonstrate astonishing courage, but also craft, making it a collection that reveals the relationship between wanting and body, mind, and heart, but also between wanting and voice.

Trans Panic and the Trans Literary Imagination

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“In the small space between the ‘reasonable’ provocation of trans panic and death is where it’s like to live as a trans woman, where ‘the jury’ is a constant presence empowered to judge the worth of my life. And I had inadvertently introduced ‘the jury’ into my short story.”

Solidarity and Differentiation in Detransition, Baby

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In teasing out the nuance in discussions about how people of all gender identities can relate to one another, showing solidarity while still acknowledging their differences, Torrey Peters manages to, as she states in her 2020 novel’s acknowledgements, present “trans feminine culture in the new millennium.”