6 Responses to Nine Things Writers Can Learn from (ahem) Science.

  1. Great piece, Tasha. Except for the shout out to Steven Pinker, I loved it. You are vastly better than Pinker because you are aware that while there is much a writer can gain from science, writing-fiction-non-fiction-meaning-world-making, etc, are not reducible without remainder to science. Keep creating worlds.

  2. C.A. LaRue says:

    Wow! This was a lot to take in, and you’ve posed some great questions. I’m not going to even try to address all of them. I just wanted to say a bit about how I approaching my own work, and that should touch on some of your points:

    1) All my work-in-progress goes into a folder called “Lab”, which is further subdivided by genre. For example, a poem that is in process would go into the “Poetry Experiments” sub-folder. By calling the work an experiment, it frees me up to try new things and puts less pressure on me to achieve.

    2) Failure is an over-used term. Even my less successful attempts are teaching me valuable lessons that will eventually result in something of quality. I prefer to look at them as legwork.

    3) Downtime, and in my case, some much needed silence, is absolutely essential to my creativity. Overload is a major hindrance to the creative spark. Not to say, that one shouldn’t engage with the culture (you should), I just find that I appreciate it more if I engage selectively. Otherwise, it begins to dictate the art and not the other way around. In other words, silence is not a luxury.

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