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Tracking Time in Kate Zambreno’s Drifts

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Kate Zambreno’s 2020 novel explores the self that comes into being through an ongoing “dynamic contemplation” and co-creation with the surrounding world, and the idea that all that ever happens is our understanding of what happens to us, and how we filter that through our minds, mediated by our

Authorship and Betrayal in To Write As If Already Dead

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Given its fragmented structure, intertextuality, quotations from and reflections on correspondences, and inclusion of the narrative of a pregnancy, Kate Zambreno’s newest book feels like a “library of the mind,” encompassing texts on reading, writing, authorship, friendship, betrayal, the body, birth, and death.

Writing as Mourning in Kate Zambreno’s Book of Mutter

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In Book of Mutter, Zambreno writes, “It is something ineffable about my mother that I search for.” This search, conducted over the thirteen years since Zambreno’s mother’s death, manifests in a fusion of memoir, essay, and meditation, and suggests how writing might embody the lifelong process of mourning a