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Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

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From a city ensconced in massive treetops where no children are ever born, to a black market for human remains literally underground, Marlon James leads readers on a journey through an Africa western fantasy has long ignored.

From the Ghosts’ Point of View: A Brief History of Seven Killings

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In a book that promises by its very title and opening lines that many characters will be expected to die, the author has to do some coaxing to convince readers that they can invest emotionally in the story.

Hidden Idiom

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Around this time last year, Jamaica held its first Pride parade. The whole thing took place in the country’s capital. There’s a smog that settles over Kingston in the afternoon, like this funk that pedestrians and motorists and bike-riders can’t avoid.

The Contemporary Epic

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  I promised you Lonesome Dove, but we’re going to start with Derek Walcott’s Omeros, because this is a family of contemporary epics. Giant, sprawling books, full of gods and families, generations and cycles, books that seem like they go on forever and seem like they should. And where