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Door Wide Open: On the Process of Working with Authors

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As a reader, is there anything better than finding a book that resonates with you so intensely that you feel that you know the author, share a mind (or a heart) with them, that their words were written for you? As a translator, I can think of something even

The Best Books of the New Year

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Resolved to read more this year? These books are the best the new year has to offer. Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist Sunil Yapa Lee Boudreaux Books January 12 $26.00 In his novel about the heated 1999 WTO riots in Seattle, Sunil Yapa writes:

Editor’s Shelf: Winter 2013-14

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Each Ploughshares issue contains book recommendations from our Advisory Editors.  Here’s an Editor’s Shelf selection from the Winter 2013-14 Issue.  Enjoy these recommendations by B.H. Fairchild, Jane Hirschfield, Tony Hoagland, Joyce Peseroff, and more. B.H. Fairchild recommends Driving Late to the Party: The Kansas Poems by Jeff Worley: “This