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Imagining the Anthropocene: The Corporeal Poetics of Marianne Boruch’s Cadaver, Speak

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In her book Cadaver, Speak, Boruch engages in a corporeal self-study through figure drawing, art history, and medical anatomy. From inside her own “bonehouse,” Boruch builds a poetics of embodiment, suturing her firsthand observation to the cultural paradigms that have marked our language.

“Without Any Agenda Except to Pay Close Attention”: An Interview with Marianne Boruch

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Marianne Boruch’s poems delve into the quirks and oddities of our daily lives. We caught up at the end of a busy semester (or maybe it was the start of a new one) to talk about how poems happen, how books come together, and the quiet rituals of her

Announcing the 2016 Emerging Writer’s Contest Winners

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After receiving thousands of submissions from talented writers, we’re proud to announce the three winners of the 2016 Emerging Writer’s Contest, judged by Anthony Marra (fiction), Dinty W. Moore (nonfiction), and Marianne Boruch (poetry).