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Artists on the Outskirts in Olive Kitteridge and Little Fires Everywhere

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As Angie pities Simon, Mia pities Elena. This is one of the roles, it seems, of the artist pitied by a conventional community: to voice the truth about people, the mistakes they won’t admit to themselves.

Must Reads for Fall

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The weather is turning, and books—as always—will bring us steadily through to the end of the year. Here are our choices for this fall's best reads.


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The novel opens with Elena Richardson watching her home burn down, and readers backtrack the circumstances leading to an act of arson.

Speaking for Everyone, Speaking for No One: The Question of (APIA) Canonicity

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The Western canon has no objective nomination process, which is why it is both axiomatic and controversial. But why have APIA voices been erased from the so-called “Great Books” for so long, and how should APIA writers respond to this longstanding erasure?

Writing Trauma: Notes of Transcendence, #2–The Book as Companion

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Examining painful truths, I left behind the stories. I developed an aversion to reading. When I picked up a book, it was as if my brain closed a door. How could I, a writer and an English professor, no longer have a desire to read?