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Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects and the Repression of Women’s Anger

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Where other recent feminist works have focused on women’s anger sparked by sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, Flynn’s novel attributes this rage to unrealistic and gendered expectations of perfection.

Unbelievable Girls

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In The Girl On The Train, which recently hit paperback and movie theaters, the narrative reliability of Rachel, the book’s protagonist, becomes a question from the very first chapter. On the first evening of the book, we find her drinking canned gin and tonics on the subway on her

Literary Blueprints: The Temptress

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If the Byronic Hero is the bad boy of literature, then the Temptress is his female counterpart. The Literary Blueprints series looks at dangerous ladies and their wanton ways.  “She looked slick as hell; polished, neat, and with that feminine deadliness that can drive you nuts. They work on