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#TravelBan: The Literary World Pushes Back

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Within the international literary community, the group most aggressively working toward refuting the underlying inhumanity of the Trump administration’s travel ban is an international journal of translation, Asymptote.

From Start-up to Incubator: Kundiman Means Business (of Innovative Writing)

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Citizen Dispatches is a monthly series featuring people, organizations, and initiatives that are making American letters more plural and vibrant. We’ll look at how writers support other writers, build wider audiences, and sustain their creative communities.

The Storytellers: Arab-American Writers Have Something to Say

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Randa Jarrar, the president of the Radius of Arab American Writers—whose acronym RAWI, means “storyteller” in Arabic—was a teenager in 1996 when the organization first came into being. Now a published novelist, fiction editor of The Normal School, and professor at Fresno State, Jarrar attended early RAWI conferences