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Poet Activist Spotlight: Mahogany L. Browne

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It’s hard to know where to start in describing the many ways that Mahogany L. Browne has given to the poetry community, and more broadly to the current cultural moment.

Poet Activist Spotlight: Lynn Melnick

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I could not be more grateful for an excuse to escape into rereading If I Should Say I Have Hope. Situated in another of time, I might write praising the wondrous lyricality in Melnick’s poems, how lush her language, how slick her line breaks are, how skillfully strange and

Poet Activist Spotlight: Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

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Poet and essayist Marcelo Hernandez Castillo’s work has appeared in Paris-American Review, Best American Poetry Blog, Ascentos, Muzzle Magazine, Jubilat, New England Review, BuzzFeed, and elsewhere. Alongside Javier Zamora and Christopher Soto, he has worked to eliminate citizenship requirements in poetry contests and awards through a project called Undocupoets.

Poet Activist Spotlight: Franny Choi

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“Poetry is a space in which logic plays a secondary role to imagination and feeling, and that can be a really great playground for a young person who is trying to define themselves and understand the world (i.e., all young people).” —Franny Choi

Poet Activist Spotlight: Rachel McKibbens

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Hire people who don’t look like you. Publish work that doesn’t sound like yours. Read work that doesn't sound like yours. Take a look at your board, your editors, at the people in charge of the literary festival. If they are predominantly white, start over.

Poet Activist Spotlight: Jacqui Germain

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Jacqui Germain, a poet based in St. Louis, MO, is a Callaloo Fellow, promising political essayist, and remarkably visionary young public intellectual and activist.