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Imagining the Anthropocene: Anne Carson’s “The Anthropology of Water”

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Along the course of a rugged pilgrimage, Carson’s defined formal structure enables the logical leaps that keep the speaker in a constant state of new encounter. As her mind’s constellated meanderings undercut the journey’s unceasing forward motion, “The Anthropology of Water” erodes assumptions of linear progress.

Review: THE RULES DO NOT APPLY by Ariel Levy

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A staff writer for The New Yorker, Ariel Levy describes her beat as “women who are too much.

Round-Up: Little Golden Books, the Obamas, and Pearson Education

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From Little Golden Books' anniversary to Pearson Education's 2016 loss, here's the latest literary news.

Round Up: Roxane Gay, PEN Memberships, and NEA

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From Roxane Gay pulling her book from Simon & Schuster to a list of NEA funded projects, here's the latest literary news.

Round-Up: Simon & Schuster Authors Protesting, Book Deserts, and GoT

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From a protest of Milo Yiannopolous' book deal to the sixth Game of Thrones book, here's the latest in literary news.

The Bookshelves of Others

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I remember the bookshelf of my childhood home as very imposing and very maroon. It had the entire leather-bound World Book Encyclopedia collection, and I spent many afternoons cross-legged with one of the heavy volumes on my lap, reading entries on “China” or “homeostasis.”

Review: A WOMAN OF PROPERTY by Robyn Schiff

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A new kind of writing about motherhood may be emerging. Rachel Zucker's and Arielle Greenberg's Home/Birth, Brenda Shaughnessy's Our Andromeda, Eula Biss's On Immunity, and Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts, for example, are conscious in a contemporary way about new possibilities of childbearing and parenting, about choices and agency, yet

Round-Down: Penguin Random House Launches Its New Website

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  It has been a little less than three years since the Penguin-Random House merger announcement was made, and the new company, Penguin Random House, just recently launched its new, joint website. The site is clean, highly functional, and features a home page that encourages engagement with PRH’s many excellent authors and