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The Time of Girlhood in Sarah Manguso’s Very Cold People

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Sarah Manguso is obsessed with time. In her latest book, she returns to the concept, illuminating the complete lack of protection for young girls from a world that’s desperate to objectify and sexualize them as soon as possible.

On Being Keepers: Heidi Julavits and Sarah Manguso’s Diaries

Diaries offer writers, particularly women who historically have not had a public voice, space to reflect on and process their lives as they happen, as well as space to record the daily routines that compose a life.

Notes on Record-Keeping

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Every morning, before breakfast, I spend an hour writing about the previous day in a notebook. My diary is a patchwork of inner life, full of gaps and skipped fragments of routine and Knausgaard-ish struggles. But it is not only a book of written recollections. It’s also a trunk