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Reading William Trevor’s “A Day” and Jamel Brinkley’s “Comfort”

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Brinkley’s story, written in response to Trevor’s, echoes the latter’s plot, characters, and structure, but in capturing its tone—a gentleness and a very light touch—the story transcends the original, its ending resonating with meaning.

All That Remains: The Lasting Images of a William Trevor Story

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Excerpt: William Trevor almost always describes a character early in the story, using only a sentence or two, but getting at the essence of the character in a way that feels intimate and true. The descriptions are highly visual, often focusing on the face, but always gesturing towards characterization.

Fiction Responding to Fiction: James Joyce and William Trevor

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Two Irish masters of the short story, one following quite literally in the other’s footsteps. William Trevor’s story “Two More Gallants,” published in 1986 in the collection The News From Ireland, takes as its subject James Joyce’s story “Two Gallants” from The Dubliners, published in 1914.

Round-Up: The Passing of William Trevor, a Poem by Anne Frank, and the Shanghai Children’s Book Fair

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From the passing of William Trevor to the auction of a handwritten poem by Anne Frank, here are this week’s biggest literary headlines: Irish writer William Trevor has passed away. The novelist, playwright, and short story writer won the Whitbread Prize three times and was short-listed for the Booker

Fiction Responding to Fiction: William Trevor and Yiyun Li

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Poets often respond to other poets in their work. With fiction, these connections are less apparent and yet they are there, as writers want to pay homage to or have a conversation with another writer.