Lit GIFs: The Scarlet Letter

Hester Prynne lives in 17th-century Puritan Boston. She’s been branded with the scarlet letter A because supposedly she had an affair.

This makes sense to everyone around her, because as far as they know her husband never made it over to the New Land and yet she currently has an infant daughter named Pearl. Even with the town fathers publicly humiliating her, however, she refuses to reveal her lover’s name.

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Lit GIFs: Wuthering Heights

A story (read: soap opera) of two Catherines and a grumpy, clingy guy named Heathcliff. Also a property war.

Mr. Earnshaw owns a manor called Wuthering Heights. One day he brings home an orphan.

At first, his children, Hindley and Catherine #1, don’t like Orphan Heathcliff much.

Over time, Catherine #1 and Heathcliff become the best of friends, but Hindley remains skeptical. Moreover, when Mrs. Earnshaw dies, Mr. Earnshaw finds that he likes Heathcliff better than Hindley, which doesn’t sit well with Hindley at all. Continue Reading