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Creative Thinking in the Arts

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To think creatively, to invent new things, to see new patterns, we need to turn things upside down, on their heads and have a fresh look.

Being An Irish Story

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“As” is a love poem, after all. It’s a sidelong devotion—all wordplay and switchbacks. Its essence is decocted from its original artifacts, lost and now found, a reverse transit of its multiple parasitic meanings. It feels something like being in the archives, in a family, in love.

Writers Watch Uneasy Advance of Tax Reform Bills

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The House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are considering tax reform bills that, if passed, could affect writers and literary nonprofits across the country.

Making a Masterpiece: What Writers Can Learn from Iconic Imagery in Visual Art

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You can learn about writing by studying the masterpieces in art because every masterpiece, whether it’s a piece of music or literature or visual art, has essentially the same ingredients.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Inclusive Writing?

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These are the facts: French is a highly gendered language. Every noun is gendered, and all adjectives follow an agreement rule regarding number and gender.

To Trope or Not to Trope

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In early creative writing classes, we’re often told to avoid tropes, told that they’ll make our writing cliché. It’s good advice for writers just beginning their craft, but it’s not sound advice for an entire career.

The Object in Writing and Art

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I learned how to write by going to art school and becoming a visual artist. Color, light, perspective, scale—I use these same visual tools in my writing. But of all the practices I use as an artist, the practice of using objects has helped my writing most.

Inside DC’s Literary Loop

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Among the homegrown events regularly packing the literary-minded into bars in Washington’s hippest neighborhoods is The Inner Loop, a reading series created by local residents Rachel Coonce and Courtney Sexton.

All In: Great Books by Authors Who Immersed Themselves in the Story

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Anyone who is a writer is also a researcher. Stories sprung from one’s imagination are not exempt from these duties. Fiction writers frequently write about a time and place they know—think Conrad and the Congo in The Heart of Darkness or Harper Lee and the rural South. Similarly, writers

Before the Storm and After, Houston Still a Poet’s City

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Houston is a poet’s city. I’d say more so than a fiction city, or a playwright’s city, or even a petroleum city for that matter (though, of course, it’s all of those things too).