Review: HOW TO SURVIVE A SUMMER by Nick White

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White’s book explores the intersection of southern culture where sexuality identity clashes with religious ideals. The novel takes on our desire to fit in and the dangerous complicity that can result.

Sappho’s Tweets: A New Kind of Fragment

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What does it mean for an ancient poet and her translator—both women—to be taking up this kind of space in our Twitter timelines?

The Readers: Christian Lorentzen and the Nature of Hipness

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While hipness and ‘hipster-ness’ may not necessarily be the same thing, Lorentzen’s body of work has followed everything hip in the literary world with an anthropologist’s eye to ritual and an economist’s knowledge of market-driven systems.

A Mother’s Work and Rachel Sherman’s Uneasy Street: the Anxieties of Affluence

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Spending less time working and more time with our children was a choice that was entirely in our control. We realized that most people didn’t have a choice—they either went back to work quickly after their children were born or quit their jobs in favor of full-time parenthood.

The Limits and Freedoms of Literary Regionalism: The Cycle of Isolation in Sherwood Anderson’s Modernist Midwest

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Loosely based on Anderson’s hometown Clyde, Ohio, Winesburg, Ohio contains twenty-two stories that reference each other―all highlighting specific characters who are bound by their shared feelings of loneliness. This cyclical, self-aware form of storytelling situates Winesburg as an early work of Modernist literature.

Cyclicality and Distance in Two Stories by Breece D’J Pancake

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Breece D’J Pancake’s stories often begin in the intersection of the highly permanent and the temporary, and unfurl in moments of instability.

Expired Futures in Ali Smith’s Autumn

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Written in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, Ali Smith’s Autumn questions how ripping up common ground in favour of enhanced borders reverberates through time and into living human bodies.

Mary Jo Bang’s Modern Inferno

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Mary Jo Bang’s raucous translation of Inferno, published in 2013, tries to bring us as close as she can to the intrigue of Florence in the 14th century.

Round–Up: National Book Awards, Writers on Thanksgiving, and the New York Public Library

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From the 2017 National Book Awards to the Thanksgiving traditions of nine writers, we've collected the latest literary news.

Repeat After Me

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Anaphora reiterates the musicality of language, pushing it beyond its status as a collection of signifiers and demands that we hear, not just understand, the poem.