Our Lady of Intercession

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It’s one thing to effect permeable borders, quite another to insist on violable bodies to constitute the border’s apertures.

Mindfulness and Rainer Maria Rilke

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Often cited as self-help before the genre existed, Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet contain much wisdom in few pages.

Kissing Walt Whitman

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I saw all the things we consider “Whitmanesque”: the energy, the exuberance, the empathy. And one thing that my mother’s serene portrait had not prepared me for—the eroticism.

Review: THE DEATHS OF HENRY KING by Jesse Ball, Brian Evenson, and Lili Carré

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In The Deaths of Henry King, the titular Henry King dies no less than eighty-nine times.

Indies Elsewhere: Eterna Cadencia

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For more than ten years, Eterna Cadencia—a bookstore and publishing house in Buenos Aires—has set a high bar for independent publishing across the continent and serves as proof that independent publishing can be interesting and profitable.

Orison Books and the Literature of the Spirit

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Orison Books, founded and edited by Luke Hankins, is a nonprofit literary press whose mission explicitly states its desire to publish books that focus on the life of the spirit.

Making a Masterpiece: What Writers Can Learn from Iconic Imagery in Visual Art

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You can learn about writing by studying the masterpieces in art because every masterpiece, whether it’s a piece of music or literature or visual art, has essentially the same ingredients.

Alias Grace and the Revision of Female Experience

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In writer and producer Sarah Polley’s adaptation of Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood's meticulous narrative becomes a brutal, hushed study in the effects of subjugation. How does a woman protect her personal truth from those so determined to rewrite it?

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Inclusive Writing?

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These are the facts: French is a highly gendered language. Every noun is gendered, and all adjectives follow an agreement rule regarding number and gender.

Round–Up: Book World Inc., Native American Heritage Month, and Twin Peaks

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From a Native American Heritage Month reading list to a revealing Twin Peaks book installment, we've collected the latest literary news.